Shockwave Plug-in
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  Mr. Tech

Click the "Go" button for a demo. If you leave our browser running, Mr. Tech is a cool addition to your desktop.

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  Virtual Fitness Club Interface


We designed a prototype Virtual Fitness CD-ROM for Reebok. The project was never funded, but the idea is still cool!

Check out the Quicktime movie included as part of the prototype.

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Stop the insanity!

Every busy tech-head must eventually look away from his or her monitor to breathe in the social, political landscape. We did just that in the best way we know how. By popular demand we keep it up as a nostalgia piece.

Check out our results for a giggle!

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Extreme Fun!

We designed a Shockwave game for Dave House, CEO of Bay Networks to boost shareholder moral during their merger with Nortel.

Check out the game and see if you can give Dave a run for his money!